About AlphaICs

AlphaICs’s invention of RAPTM (Real AI Processor) is creating Big Bang of Real AI by combining perception and decision making. Real AI is a net producer of data and information that benefits our society and enhance human welfare as opposed to current weak AI systems which are net consumer of the data.

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AlphaICs has designed not only a proprietary custom processor, grounds up, but has developed the associated SW, Compiler and Libraries, to provide a developer-friendly way for the practitioners to develop ever evolving algorithms for their advance AI applications. Real AI Processing (RAP)TM products are available for Datacenters, autonomous systems and low power edge applications.

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Real AI Processing (RAP)TM's architecture is based on “agent” as a basic compute element. Each agent is a “group of Tensors” thus packing a whooping performance and enabling a high dimensional compute. Agents represent the most important new paradigm for managing the inherent AI complexity beyond Perception and Classification.

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Use Cases


Data Centre/HPC

  • Streaming Data Analytics
  • Search Acceleration
  • High Performance Computing
  • Business Analytics

Autonomous systems

  • Autonomous Vehicles (self driving cars)
  • Drones
  • Robots
  • Industrial Automation

Edge Applications

  • Dialog Systems
  • Augmented, Virtual, Mixed Reality
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Intelligent Handheld Devices

The Team

Together, we are creating big bang of Real AI

Nagendra Nagaraja
CEO & Co-founder
Vinod Dham
COO/President & Co-founder
Prashant Trivedi
CMO & Co-founder
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Meet AlphaICs, An Indian Startup Which Plans To Compete With Chip-Making Giant NVIDIA

While the likes of NVIDIA have already defined the space for chip-making and powerful computers, back in India

Startup formed for agent-based AI processor

Each agent is a ‘group of tensors’ enabling high dimensional computation.

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