AlphaICs introduces world’s most powerful AI platform alphaEdgeTM for L2+ Driverless Cars and Autonomous Systems

CES 2019 – AlphaICs announces alphaEdgeTM, 60 TOPs / 40-Watt solution for L2+ driverless cars, and autonomous systems such as

Meet AlphaICs, An Indian Startup Which Plans To Compete With Chip-Making Giant NVIDIA

While the likes of NVIDIA have already defined the space for chip-making and powerful computers, back in India

Startup formed for agent-based AI processor

Each agent is a ‘group of tensors’ enabling high dimensional computation.

AlphaICs Employs AI Special Agents

AlphaICs has devel­oped what it immodestly calls the Real AI Processor (Rap), which uses an array of special-purpose compute “agents.”

Vinod Dham, father of the Pentium, takes on AI chips with agent-based AlphaICs

At AlphaICs, the team is creating a coprocessor chip that can do agent-based artificial intelligence.

Startup AI Chip Passes Road Test

AlphaICs will sample before June a 13-W machine-learning accelerator for cars, robots, and drones.

AlphaICs interview with Wired Editor David Rowan

Nagendra Nagaraja, CEO, AlphaICs Presentating @ AI Decision-Making Summit 2018

New chip architectures for today’s AI

AI is shifting to hardware realm, specifically, the development of integrated circuits

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