AlphaICs has designed not only a proprietary custom processor, grounds up, but has developed the associated SW, Compiler and Libraries, to provide a developer-friendly way for the practitioners to develop ever evolving algorithms for their advance AI applications

RAPTM Platform supports all the major Machine Learning Frameworks

RAPTM software solution is a full stack AI solution with the compiler, runtime and libraries. Same software stack supports training and deployment. We support TensorFlow currently and we will support all the popular Machine Learning frameworks in the near future.

Our libraries are highly optimized for our processor. Some of our libraries are:


alphaDNN supports deep learning and perception-based applications. It supports model and data parallel deep learning seamlessly. Both training and inference are supported on same library to enable speed of training and low latency inferencing.


alphaSIMA enables AI systems with combination of perception and decision making. Very large AI models can be easily designed and compiled on single or multiple RAP processors. It enables AI practitioners to bring AI systems to applications within shortest time.


alphaEIGEN provides general purpose HPC and linear algebra library that can be used in applications with lowest latency and highest throughput.

RAPTM Data Center Product

  • RAPTM Processor for training and inference of CNNs, RNNs, DNNs, 64 agents / 32 environments

  • RAPTM Data Analytics Card for datacenter power profile provides acceleration for data center AI workloads

RAPTM for Autonomous Systems in Edge Applications

RAPTM Edge product brings Deep Learning inference as well as Reinforcement Learning Decision making capabilities at the edge.

It enables autonomous systems – autonomous cars, Drones, Robots, etc.

  • 30 DL TOPs performance
  • Supports DNNs, RNNs, CNNs, etc
  • 32 agents / 16 environments
  • 13 Watts
  • <2 ms latency for RNN inference

RAPTM for low power embedded Edge Applications

AlphaICs enables real time perception and decision making at the source of data. RAPTM supports major DNNs/LSTM for DL inference and acceleration and it comes with 2/4/8 agents. RAPTM can do noise cancellation, face recognition, object detection etc. It enables voice control, machine translation and better query generation for AI assistants.

RAPTM IP is available for low power embedded applications such as dialog systems, augmented realty, gaming, surveillance and hand-held devices.


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